by Paul Joseph on February 12, 2011

Advertise with InvestmentHeat

If you have a new product or service to showcase to the InvestmentHeat community, InvestmentHeat is the place to do it:

* InvestmentHeat reaches a highly influential audience who care about breaking news about investments is India. Our community includes company reviews, reviews of product and services by companies, product launches, special offers & discounts of products and services by companies & latest news. Just look a the number of comments per post to see how engaged our audience is about.
* InvestmentHeat is India’s #1 source of news on investments in India.
* InvestmentHeat is the #1 favorite blog by people who are interested in rumors and gossips about companies.

There are two ways to advertise on InvestmentHeat: permanent monthly sponsorships across all BlackBolenay Network pages and traditional CPM-based advertising.

InvestmentHeat Sponsors

InvestmentHeat offers premium sponsorship ad units, served in the top right area of every InvestmentHeat page. The ad units rotate evenly with each page view served. These sponsors are important to us, and we look for products and services that we feel would be relevant to our targeted and influential audience.

Ad Specs:

* Premier Sponsor (300 by 400 pixel size)
* Gold Sponsor (300 by 100 pixel size)
* Silver Sponsor (125 by 125 pixel size)
* Preferably the company or product logo
* Will link back to the company product page
* No animations (simple ads)
* We publish a bi-weekly “thank you sponsors” post, which includes text links to sponsor sites

In addition to our flagship InvestmentHeat site, we offer sponsorships across the BlackBolenay Network, including special rates for participation on multiple properties.

Check out our new advertising in our InvestmentHeat RSS feed with daily subscribers rising day by day.

We operate with a minimum term of two months, followed by a month-to-month plan where either party may terminate the relationship on 30 days notice.

If you are interested in securing a premium sponsorship on InvestmentHeat, please contact us

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