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by Paul Joseph on February 12, 2011

Got a news tip or inside information about a topic we covered or you would like us to cover? We’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a note at [email protected] or by submitting the below form. If you want to submit a news feed to us, click here.

Kindly read the content criteria carefully before submitting. You need to submit to the correct information for your content to be posted. If you post to the wrong blog or with incomplete information, we will be forced to delete it. Also we have some criteria that you must follow in order to post your content on our sites.

  • Title of the post - "HSBC Launches New Premier Credit Card"
  • Small intro about the content - 3or4 lines.
  • Full content separated by paragraphs
  • Separate tags by using comma - hsbc,creditcard,bank,premier card

Kindly note that if your content is not posted within 3 business days, We are sorry to let you that we are not in a position to post your content at time moment. But we encourage you to visit our blogs and post content relevant to our sites.

Thanking you
blackbolenay Team

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